Nutritional Guidelines

Paleolithic based: mostly vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, and fruit. Limited or void of dairy, legumes, grains, refined sugar, and alcohol. As well as pre and post workout carbohydrate timing and the addition of high quality protein supplements for convenience and to support lean muscle mass.

Fitness Regimen

CrossFit based: proficiency in cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. Added focus on BIG lifts and movements to develop and maintain a high strength to weight ratio.

Workout Locations and Inspiration

Work gym, home gym, CrossFit Costa Mesa, CrossFit HQ, any hotel room, garage, or backyard available.

Workout Log
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The Beginning.

| 5/12/2010

Before my so-called fitness prime years are close to passing me by I wanted to look back at the things I have accomplished. Why did I turn out the way I am, and where do I want to go? I felt like I ate pretty well and pushed myself hard consistently.  But was that enough?  Was it the right way?  How important are genetics in all of this? Thinking about myself, I never excelled in any one sport or exercise but do well in many. And I can thank mom and dad for the calf muscles and the ability to build arm and chest muscle easily but where is the endurance, flexibility, and lower abs!? I will start here and take you through the journey of the next fitness/diet/health stages of my life.

People that know me know that I had tremendous success with T-nation's Velocity Diet.  Basically 4 weeks of ONLY protein liquid nutrition and ONLY one healthy solid meal a weak.  Then followed by a 2 week transition period.  You can see my blog and photos here that inspired many others to try the quick fix accelerated fat loss diet.  I still think it is a great program that resets your mind and gets rid of cravings and increases your desire for healthy food.  Its the toughest diet I ever tried and is designed ONLY for short term, for people who already know how to eat healthy afterwards, and is done with specific workouts that support the lower nutritional consumption.  

Now the goal is to be Paleo Strong (started 3/1/10 program)....this blog will be a notebook of my ongoing workouts from various sources: CrossFit Mainsite, CrossFit Costa Mesa, My Own Creations, and other publications and online sources.  I will also include recipes, learnings, and inspirations along the way.  Lets see what can really be accomplished mentally and physically. Head to Head, Paleo Strong vs. Genetics.  What really dictates what you can become....and of course with all these fitness goals strive for overall mental well-being as well, and of course steroid free because there is no fair competition against that.