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Home Gym DIY : Pull Up Bar and Rings for Muscle Ups, Dips, Etc.

| 7/17/2010

Everyone trying to get fit or who's goal is to get better at CrossFit needs a pull up bar at their disposal at all times, PERIOD.  How many times a week do pull ups show up on a WOD?  Sometimes never, sometimes too much.  How much time do you have before or after class to practice kip or muscle up?  Why not just throw one up in your garage, backyard, or even kitchen, whatever works for you.   I am going to show you my personal garage set-up.  It doesn't cost that much money, pretty easy to install, and when you find a support beam it shouldn't need any maintenance.

Home Depot Shopping List for a basic horizontal set-up:
*One- 3/4" or 1" Galvanized Steel Pipe pre-cut to 3-4 feet.
*Two- 3/4" or 1" Galvanized Steel Pipe extension.  (about 4-8" can be considered)
*Two- Right-Angles  
*Two- Mounting Plates
*8 heavy duty wood screws (VERY important, I used 3" wood screws)
*Cost is around $20-25*

You can pre-assemble the bar onto the mounting plates and right angles, just make sure the joints are tightly screwed in place.  Once you find the best mounting location and support beam you may need a corded drill to push the 3" wood screw entirely through the beam.  Although some cordless drills may do the job.  You will need two people to install, one to hold the pre-assembled bar to a (hopefully) premarked level location, and the other to drill.  If you marked correctly its as simple as that.

For muscle ups you can find Rings sold online, and they can be used right on the pull up bar.

For people who can't do a pull-up OR for when your grandmother comes over to workout with you, theres Pull Up assistance bands for sale or what I use for "special" guests was some green Thera-bands I had laying around.  This way anyone can do pull ups!
Tip #1: Work with what you have.  I dont have high ceilings in the garage but I can still practice muscle ups by keeping my legs bent at the bottom and can still do a full kip.
Tip #2: Figure out what width bar you like 3/4" or 1" are the standard.  
Tip #3: Pick a height that is functional but not too hard to jump up and grab the bar.
Tip #4: Dont wrap the bar with tape or any rubber cushion.

There are many styles of layouts you can do to make a pull up bar.  But this in my opinion is the simplest way to get your pull ups and muscle ups on!